Atharra Residences Inc.



Submission of Requirements

Accreditation of a Realty firm, independent broker, and independent Seller is necessary before they can officially market the product of Atharra Residences. An Accreditation Form must be fill out together with the following requirements:

✅Photocopy of PRC License (if broker) or
PRC ID if registered salesperson).
✅Photocopy of BIR Certification
✅Two (2) 2x2 ID Photo with white background


Benefits of being an Accredited Atharra Residences Seller

An Accredited Atharra Residences Seller will eventually enjoy the following benefits:
✅A supported and guided selling and will be provided with marketing materials by Atharra Residence's Sales Officer;
✅An exciting Sellers' Promo and Incentives; and a competitive Sales Commission.


Product Knowledge Seminar & Site Orientation

After the approval of the accreditation application, the seller will be required to attend the scheduled Product Knowledge Seminar (PKS) and site orientation to be conducted by the Atharra Residences Sales Officer. The accredited seller should attend PKS and site orientation so that he/she will be knowledgeable about the development and can get updates on pricing, inventories, and promos available.

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