Atharra Residences Incorporated



Project Presentation

The seller will present to the buyer the specifications of Atharra Residences he/she might want to avail. The presentation includes all needed information chart the product such as number of available units, type of available units and its selling price including discounts and all payment schemes offered.


Reservation Application

The buyer will choose the Block and Lot of the unit he/she wants to avail. The Buyer will fill in the Buyer's Information Sheet, Quotation Sheet, draw his/her house sketch and sign the Reservation Agreement and the suggested lay out. He/she should prepare 2 valid identification cards (ID's) and proof of billing and pays the Reservation Fee at Atharra Residences Office. If the reservation fee is paid through cash or check, an acknowledgment receipt will be released by the cashier.


Submission of Requirements

After the briefing and securing of copies of the duly filled-in forms, the buyer will be given 30 days upon reservation to submit the standard requirements and loan requirements (depending on employment status if Locally Employed, Self-employed, working abroad including OFWs and payment scheme).


Site Visit or Site Tour

The buyer will visit Atharra Residences with the Seller who will orient him/her on the location of the actual (if available) or proposed project's amenities including its site development, the accessibilities within the area and the nearby communities.


Administrative Briefing

Atharra Residences Officers will conduct a briefing to the buyer specifically on the summary on the content of the Reservation Agreement, quotations and the standard requirements needed to be complied.


Turnover of Unit

Upon completion of house construction and the buyer has paid his total down payment, the unit will now be ready for turnover.